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I search the Internet looking for motivational and inspirational stories that are uplifting and then build a page around them. The first 22 pages are triple border html with the dynamics provided by gifs. The rest of the pages are dynamic html with JavaScript, built in a program called Scrippy.

Most Scrippy users use Scrippy to build Stationery and join Scrippy Groups. That is great. Groups have a common ground and it builds camaraderie with people from around the world. My goal is different. I want to build a Motivational Website in Scrippy. The dynamics and music create an environment to bring the story to life.

All page folders are open. Simply backspace to the forward slash of any page open, hit enter and the page folder will open up. Feel free to snag the midis, graphics, Scrippy sscs, etc.

Thanks for dropping by. Please stay as long as you like and I hope you enjoy your visit...

Site Map

1.The Power Of A Single Step 2.The Dash 3.Commencement 4.A One Track Mind
5.Train of Life 6.A Tender Love Story 7."Here's A Hanky"-Pappy's Bell 8.Just Keep Planting
9.A Different Kind Of Athlete 10.The Red Purse 11.Adding Value To Self 12.A Little Bit of Joy
13.The Red Rose 14.Unstoppable 15.When I Say "I am a Christian" 16.The Power of Your Actions
17.MegaSports, The Gladiator Mentality 18.Uncommon Valor 19.Tidbits of Wisdom From The Web 20.Two Dollar Bills
21.Daddy's Day 22.Ruby's Roses 23.Dreams Do Come True 24.Love Is Something Special
25.A Beautiful Morning 26.The Scar 27.Reach For The Stars 28.The Power Of Never Quitting
29.Be The Cheese 30.DayStarter 31.The Concert 32.A Remarkable Life
33.Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier 34.My Life As A Weed 35.Our Place In The Sun 36.The Award Of Excellence
37.The Power of Encouragement 38.Dare To Be Remarkable 39.Patches 40.The Joy Of Exercise
41.Just Around The Corner 42.The Autograph 43.A New Year Welcome 44.New Year's Resolutions We Can Keep
45.The Second Time Around 46.God Will Find You-A Moving Story 47.The Power of Teamwork 48.Friends in France
49.The Making Of A Memory 50.Mom's Last Laugh 51.Oscar-The Garbage Can Kitty 52.Simply The Best
53.Taken For Granted 54.One Bad Hop or IS IT? 55.Keep Your Eye On The Ball 56.Something To Make Me Happy
57.Romance For Dummies 58.A Valentine Story 59.Roses For Rose 60.Talk To Me
61.Kill The Cow 62.The Secret 63.A Paul Harvey Paradigm 64.Damaged Goods
65.A Silver Belt 66.The Common Thread 67.Who Was That Masked Man? 68.Cheerfulness-A Conscious Act of Kindness
69.Do I Walk Alone? 70.Our Abstract Journey 71.Winners Never Quit 72.Setting Sail
73.The Struggle 74.Footprints-A Rendition 75.Want To Hear A Story? 76.Rhythm in New Orleans
77.The Rest Of The Story 78.The Hospital Window 79.Reaching The Higher Plain 80.Sarita
81.A Paragon Rising Above The Madness 82.Don't You Feel Like Singing? 83.Life's Shadows 84.Dust Off and Try Again
85.Starting Over 86.You Just Never Know... 87.Our Neighbor, The Beaver 88.With Wings As Eagles
89.Information Please 90.A Simple Prayer And Two Pots 91.A Whisper And A Prayer 92.The Road Less Traveled
93.A Horse Race Mystery 94.A Glimpse Through The Looking Glass 95.The Science of Context 96.The Rat Race
97.Put Your Hand On My Shoulder 98.Loving Muriel 99.If There Was Any Other Way 100.A Little Bit of Joy
101.Ugly, The Tomcat 102.Girl-Horse Story:His Special Gifts 103.July 4TH 104.Who Sets The Limit?
105.My Mask 106.A Point To Ponder 107.A Life Lesson: Cannery Row 108.Judge No Wine Before Its Time
109.We're Still Going 110.Dare To Be A Dreamer 111.P.U.S.H. 112.Beautiful-She Said
113.A Home For Freddie 114.The World's Worst Mother 115.A Day At The Creek 116.A Tribute-My Father's Son
117.Life's Railway -Remix 118.Dare To Believe 119.Dads 120.Teaching Teddy
121.A Wish Seed 122.Forever is Longer Than Until 123.Heaven Scent: "It Smells Like Rain" 124.Shadows
125.When You Thought I Was Looking 126.The Love Squad 127.A Moving Story-The Gift 128.Don't We All?
129.A Simple Gesture 130.Jenny's Story 131.LB Bear's Music Lesson 132.A Story-The Hand
133.Brittney 134.Expressions of Love 135.Joy In The Journey 136.The Guy in The Mirror
137.The Most Important Part 138.Perception of The Flower 139.The All Joe Team 140.The English Language
141.Christmas Roses 142.Christmas Angels 143.Santa's Prayer 144.Santa's Secret Wish
145.F.A.M.I.L.Y. 146.Second Chance 148.Snared By Our Words 148.Portrait Of A Friend
149.You Bring Out Me 150.A Day At The Creek 151.Realizing Value 152.God's Perfection-A Story
153.Commencement At Villanova 154.Commencement At MIT 155.The Porsche Factor 156.The Painted Tractor
157.A Matter of Perspective 158.Who Will Water My Teardrops? 159.The Daffodil Principle 160.Wow!
161.I've Learned... 162.An Irish Blessing 163.We Just Bloom Where We Are Planted 164.The Cold Within
165.The Master Artist 166.How To Make A Friend 167.The Dummy 168.He Makes Music Out Of My Mess
169.St.Patrick's Day 170.When Dreams Won't Die 171.Easter - Dobhran's Prayer 172.Play On Thru...
173.Threshold 174.House Of A Thousand Mirrors 175. Reflection 176.Because Someone Told Me I Could
177.It Just Takes One... 178. Trivia 3 179.The Story Doesn't End There... 180.Inspiration Is Fueled By Purpose
181.In Reality 182.The Important Things Of Life 183.Seize The Moment 184.Unstoppable: The Marion Luna Brem Story
185.The Mystery Of Courage 186.What My Father Left Behind 187. Recreate Your Life... Everyday 188.Searchng For Self
189.After The Storm 190.Samson And Delilah 191.A Love Story-Be My Valentine 192.Scrippy Matrix
193.Running Your Race 194.The Little Engine That Could 195.Life And Six Dollar Haircuts 196.Physicists' Warning Labels
197.A Vietnam Soldier Tribute 198.Why Are Things The Way They Are? 199.The Two Wolves Within 200.Are You Staying At The Inn?
201.The Attitude Of The Flower 202,School Glue 203.A Good Investment 204. Stone Soup
205.The Story Bin 206.A Place To Stand or Finding The Song 207. Just Do It 208. The Wemmicks
209.Humor-How The Government Works 210.I Owe You Nothing... or Do I? 211. What is This For? 212. Humor-They Picked The Wrong Number
213.Who Will Stop The Rain? 214.Lessons From An Oyster 215.The Ultimate Chain Letter 216.Run Thru The Rain
217.The Impossible Dream 218.Don't Hope...Decide. 219.The Thread of a Dream 220.The Cookie Thief
221.Proverbs On The Banjo Train 222.Who's Driving Your Bus? 223. The Old Oak Tree 224. If You Love Her...
225.Where Do I Fit In? 226.The Corsage 227.The Autumn of My Life 228.Gifts From The Heart
229.Nurse Penny 230.Amen Crackers 231.Commencement At Duke 232.Brother Leo
233.Expelled From The Classroom 234.Space 235.Shattered Lives Frozen Peas 236.Living Beyond Words
237.A Life Changing Moment 238.Ronny's Book 239.Enigma 240. We Got uh Elegance
241.Pick Up Your Oar And Start Rowing 242. Commencement At Stanford 243.Jonah And The Whale 244.The Telephone Call
245.His Mysterious Ways 246. The Final Analysis 247.Reflections in a Blog 248.The Long Way Home
249.A Voice In The Night 250. Hidden Treasures 251. Humor - The Vote 252. Three Shiny Marbles
253.Tears 254.Five Seconds Expired 255.Ferrari 256.This Magic Moment
257.Squanto 258.Secret Santa 259.The Old Fisherman 260.More Than A View
261.Someone Like Me 262.Waiting On The Next Train 263.2009 264.Take Time To Consider Grace
265.On The Forest Floor 266.The Strangest Game 267.Real Life Hero 268.My Gift From Heaven-A Valentine Story
269.The Lovable Loser 270.A Farewell Gift 271.Want To Borrow A Jack? 272.Broken Wing
273.A Matter of Perspective 274.Pulling Nails 275.Dreams 276.Showdown on Bedford Park Boulevard
277.New And Different 278.Mean Girl 279.Rewinding The Clock 280.Never Say Never
281.Reflections in a Shadow 282.The Mouse And The House 283.I'll Plant Anything 284.Lessons From Soup
285.I Feel Old 286.The Dreaded Dr. Piroch 287.Let's Begin Again 288.A Promise To Keep
289.Philosophy 101-What is Truth? 290.Wednesdays 291.Red Letter Day 292.Keep Pullin' That String
293.Friends Forever 294.Remember When? 295.His Mysterious Ways 296.Tou che'
297.Music Of The Heart 298.Awaiting Further Instructions 299.My Angel 300.Suggestion Box
301.My Mom's Dream 302.Tale of The Tale 303.What I Learned From The Cat 304.Laughter, The Best Medicine
305.The Riddle of The Cross 306.Heaven And Hell 306.A Special Commencement 307.They Missed The R
308.Garage Sale Revelation 309.Dad's Final Lesson 310.Teachers' Tales 311.Does She Still Have The Hiccups?
312.Way Above Par 313.Memories 314.The Pace Of Play 315.Fore!
316.The John Wooden of Little League 317.When Grace Steps In 318.Uncommon Value 319.Acres of Diamonds
320.To Light One Candle 321.Stella's House 322.His Eye is on The Sparrow 323.Baxter's Mission
324.Nurturing A Rose 325.Simple Pleasures 326.Trading Spaces 327.Seven Sticks
328.Chicken Soup Moments 329.Change Of Address 330.Trading Places 331.Workplace Exercise
332.Days Gone By 333.God's Mountain Garden 334.Kisses From Katie 335.Made To Order

"Inspired By Those Who Have Blazed The Trail"

Image 1-Author Thomas Kinkade, Animation Author Unknown
Image 2-Author Unknown

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