A Life Lesson: Cannery Row
A 1982 Film from John Steinbeck's Book Cannery Row has a life lesson, that if we could all learn, would make life a whole lot more enjoyble and a whole lot less stressful.
We are born with a people package. In it, are many contradicting forces at work. The one that causes us and everyone else the most problems is "It's all about me." or "What's in it for me?" That is the souce of all conflict. The source of all competition. Competition is non-violent conflict; non-violent, but just as stressful.
When we see everyone else stressing "It's all about me" or "Look at me", we pose with a low voice, an underlying need, "Please don't forget about me" or "How can I get started" or "Would you help me?"
The backdrop for the film is an abandoned depression era sardine cannery strip of land in Monterrey, California, known as Cannery Row.
The cast of characters start with Doc, played by Nick Nolte and Suzy, played by Debra Winger. They were both perfect for the roles. The supporting cast includes hookers and bums of the cannery row strip. The two bums that will bring this life lesson to life are Mack and Hazel. Hazel is a guy named after a girl.
Doc is a biologist who gathers little sea creatures and sells them to Universities. Suzy is a young girl who comes into the strip looking to find her place in life.
Suzy trys a number of ventures, including hooking, but to no avail. She likes Doc and Doc likes her, but Doc doesn't know how to be with or talk to a woman, so he unintentionally insults her each time they are together, so Suzy gives up and goes it alone. Hazel, the bum, is determined to get them back together...
Mack: Hazel! Hazel! I just came from the hospital. Doc's got a broke arm. You know somethin' about it, don't ya?
Hazel: You gonna be mad at me, Mack?
Mack: Naw, Hazel. I promise.
Hazel: I didn't have no choice, Mack. Suzy said she wouldn't go see him unless he got sick or had a broke arm. I tried, but I couldn't figure out how to get him sick. There was no other way! So I broke his arm with a baseball bat while he was asleep. You sure you ain't mad, Mack?
Mack: You done noble stuff.  'course, we don't know how she'll all work out, but it's a step in the right direction. You just sit there and take it easy. You got the ball to the one-yard-line. Ol' Mack's gonna carry it in, for ya!
Mack goes and gets Suzy and takes her to Doc. Doc tells her, "Darnest thing, feels like I been hit with a baseball bat!"
Suzy loves Doc and immediately began to care for him. Hazel and Mack made it happen.
If we could learn, "You got the ball to the one yard line, let me take it on in for you...", we could also make it happen.
Have a great day!
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A Life Lesson: Cannery Row

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