The Concert...
A man took his six year old son to see the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra in Concert. Before the Concert started, the man stepped out for a restroom break and his six year old son noticed a piano, a Vienna Bosendorfer Concert Piano, sitting off to the side of the Stage. The little boy walked up on stage, over to the piano and started practicing his piano lesson. The crowd looked up. They couldn't see who was playing the piano, but it was mediocre and haphazard, too long in-between keystrokes and the keys were being hit too hard.
The Master Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra walked out on Stage to see who was attempting to give his own concert.  A hush fell over the crowd as the Master Conductor walked over to the keyboard, which couldn't be seen by the audience. The little boy was scared and started to run off of the Stage, when the Master Conductor whispered in the little boy's ear, "keep playing, son" and motioned for the lights to be dimmed, as he walked over to his Orchestra. The Concert had started.
The Master Conductor used his vast skills in manipulating Orchestrated Background and brought that little boy's keystrokes to life. Before, the little boy's keystrokes sounded mediocre and haphazard, but now you waited with bated breath for the next keystroke to fall.
I feel like that little boy. I want to run off the stage. My keystrokes are mediocre and haphazard. So, I ask the Lord to orchestrate my background to bring my keystrokes to life. He said, the degree I am willing to invest in the backgrounds of others, to bring their keystrokes to life, is the degree, He will bring to mine. I think this song is awesome.
Have a great day.
Have a great day!

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