Dobhran's Prayer
Christmas is glorious,
Of its Holy gift we sing;
Of a manger and baby,
Our blessed newborn King.
Thanksgiving is so grand,
Our thanks to God we give;
For His unending bounty,
Gracing each day we live.
Valentines Day is romantic,
A day we are filled with love;
Love from spouse and family,
Love from the Great One above.
But there is one holiday,
That rises above them all;
Rewarding each one of us,
Whether strong, meek or small.
Of all of God's gifts,
Easter shows us our fate;
Forgiven we will rise,
And pass through Heaven's gate.
This Easter remember,
The sacrifice of a Son;
And through His resurrection,
Eternal life we have won.
This Easter I pray,
That the love of God;
Is resurrected, reborn, renewed,
Inside your heart.
~By Dobhran~
ŠAll rights reserved.
Image-Cebarre [c]
I agree with Dobhran. I have hope because someone else's prayer got through.
Notice-being "perfect" has nothing do with it or no one could go. It is faith
Jesus, period. If Jesus will let me tag along, as messed up as I am, you have no
problem! I claim you as my ground...
Have a great day!
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