Heaven and Hell
After listening to some commentaries on each, I believe we, saint and sinner alike, are confused as to the nature and purpose of each. I believe neither will be as we envision them from this side.
I heard a story that may give us a little insight into the plot and roles of the cast of characters in the movie we see unfolding before us...
A plane arrived in New York. On that plane was a rock band. Also on that plane was a missionary that had spent the last thirty years feeding hungry bodies and souls overseas. When the plane arrived, a band, the media and a large group of fans were waiting on the rock band. Nobody was waiting on the missionary.
The missionary, in her mind, whispered, "Lord, this doesn't seem fair to me. This young rock band offers nothing to no one from their heart. Their words are offensive, their actions destroy the young and they insult society at every opportunity, yet they are treated like royalty. I have given my life as a servant for the Kingdom, helping the poor and the sick and no one even meets me at the gate." A soft whisper came back, "You're not home yet."
The scenerio is imaginary and God loves young rock bands as much as He does missionaries. We are talking about destiny, work and reward. They are our choice from this side. But it's not over until it's over. God may very well come to that young rock band's rescue.
The human race was born into a contaminated bloodline corrupted by a being that offers illusions of grandeur through self promotion..."This is all about me, so I will do what is necessary to exalt me." [That view is default. We were born with it.] Satan presents life as a pleasure boat and we each are to aspire to be its captain.
God presents life as a life boat. After we are saved from drowning, we each are to join in the search for lost souls drowning in the same sea of deception we were rescued from.  It is not a requirement for being on the boat; but after a while, we learn by example and desire to have a part.
Many different jobs are on the life boat, but all contribute to the work, so the contrast between the pleasure boat and the life boat is very visible. At first glimpse, it seems the pleasure boat is exciting and the life boat is boooring. But as we shall soon see, peeling back layers, just the opposite is true.
Going to the worship house of each, we see a little behind the scenes. In God's worship house, you bask in a unseen radiance and know that everyone around you has your best interest at heart.  Maybe not at first, but each is growing in that direction.
In a devil worship circle, there are blood circles and fire circles to keep the demons being summoned from attacking each individual and the group. Each knows the one standing next to them, backstabs them at every opportunity as each one begins to reflect the nature of the demons they are pursuing.
But in every environment, we see people growing in one direction or the other. We begin to reflect those we spend the most time with; in every area of our lives.
In God's life boat, we see drug addicts that were rescued from the brink and in Satan's pleasure boat, we see how they got there-a life deluded into pursuing the illusion of pleasure, but what they got was bondage. 
The earth is not the harvest, it is the seed field for the harvest. Satan's job is to lure us to sleep through the harvest. But we are just passing through here, the rewards for our labor-on both sides- are on the other side.
For most of us, even Christians, for most of our lives, the image of Heaven is to escape the sorrows of Hell or even troubles and problems on earth. But when asked to go deeper the image that comes to mind... boooooring. Right?
Some have gotten a glimpse of Heaven with little details. The Apostle Paul got a glimpse, but wasn't going to share too much except that by seeing it, he received a thorn in the flesh to keep him humble.
We think God wants a lot of minions sitting on clouds playing harps and singing praise to satisfy something in Him...at our expense. These images may be created from the "Thou shall nots"; presupposing God's Kingdom is a list of rules and requirements, but little true joy and excitement.
But we don't realize that the Thou shall nots are Old Testament and are to teach us that no one would be innocent before the High Court under the Law and the New Birth takes us out from under the jurisdiction of the High Court and puts us under the tutorship of Christ.
God doesn't want to restrict us from outside in, He wants to change us from inside out. He doesn't want minions for praise, He wants someone to freely return His love. As this unfolds, we shall see what this means...
We were born into a movie that has been playing for a long time. Until we get understanding of the cast of characters and the plot, we don't understand what's going on except it seems Satan-and his kingdom- is exciting but taboo and God-and His Kindom- is safe but boring.
But when we pull back the layers of masking, we get a clearer view of Reality and the True Narrative. Satan's pleasure is an illusion. Satan and his demons are miserable and they despise each other. They left their first estate and cannot get it back. They have no hope and are left with raw rage. They hate each other, backbite each other, sabotage each other and their only momentary pleasure is to try to snare the human race through illusion and get it condemned to their fate.
But Heaven's purpose is not a simple absence of Hell. Pulling back the layers of illusion created by a host of fallen angels, one begins to get a glimpse of God. God doesn't need us or our praise. God loves us, saint and sinner alike. We are His creation.
He is our Life Source. The umbilical cord was severed at the fall. Praise recreates that umbilical cord. Praise is for our recharging, not His. Praise is a choice and not a requirement of the New Birth. It takes us to the next level and exposes us to the very thing we were searching for in attempting to pursue the illusion of ecstasy and pleasure offered by the prince of this world. 
God loved us long before we knew about Him. He knows what we lost at the fall and are searching for now. I believe the reason God choose the medium of Praise to rebuild the umbilical cord is that it is a constant reminder to Lucifer and a host of fallen angels, that we are inheriting that awesome heritage they foolishly gave up. Lucifer remembers God used to shower that Love on him and he cringes everytime he sees that love exchange between God and man.
Joyce Meyer gives a great example. In a restaurant, a young waitress was cussing. When she found out Joyce and her friend were Christians, she said, "Well, I'm sure God cusses sometimes." Joyce was young in her ministry and she said she was going to defend God and replied with, "God doesn't cuss!"
She said the young woman with her taught her a valuable lesson, when she quickly interjected with, "But He loves those who do!" As Joyce says, "Stop trying to clean the fish before it's caught." God loves you just the way you are. In fact, He loves you way too much, to leave you there.
-God wants to fellowship with you. Fellowship is two way exchange. If the only way He can get your attention is to allow trouble in your life, get ready for lots of trouble. We would save ourselves a whole lot of headache and heartache, if we talked to Him in the good times as much as we do in the bad times.-
We don't realize what Adam really had. This is all we know. "God can't put the new wine in an old vessel." Trying to change someone from outside in, makes everyone miserable. Thus the New Birth, a Romance and a Lifetime of tutorship-in that order.
This seems to be a good time for a mini tutorial. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek. Some Versions were translated into Latin before being translated to English.
Translating across  language lines, runs the risk of not being able to say exactly what was said in the original. We miss a lot of the richness of Scripture because we don't understand the depth and the layering of Scripture. For example, instead of "Let there be light", the original said, "Light be." The second is both a declaration and a command. It is context driven physics. It is far more powerful and inclusive than the first.
"The love of money" in the original, really says, "For the love of barter". Every thought, word or action is referenced to or interpreted by a reference for barter or exchange. Agape-"This is all about you; how can I help?"-total selflessness, is at one end of the spectrum and mammon-"Phooey on you, what's in it for me?"-total self, is at the other. As with all other spectrums, there are blends throughout the graph, but there is always a governing influence.
All "mammon" referenced thoughts, words and actions are a total focus on self without regard to others. It is that reference that is the root of all evil. We inherited that internal focus and interpretive lens at the fall.
God doesn't care what I have. He is far more interested in why I want it. For me, abundant life is enjoying and looking forward to my day, moment by moment. My prayer each day is for Peace, Joy and Purpose. One prayer God usually won't answer is to pray for a crop failure...although He specializes in helping broken people.
"Although affliction cometh not forth of the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of the ground... As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come." I mixed Proverbs with Job. Even though Job's three friends may not have told Job where his troubles were coming from, they sure told me where mine were coming from-my own thoughts, words and actions were generating them in the matrix. My mouth was and sometimes still is my own worst enemy.
When I was hired by my company as an electrician, my background was in controls. So when they sent me out to run conduit, I knew nothing about kicks, offsets, saddles and the like. I knew how to make a 90 and bend by osmosis-aim it in the direction I was heading. It took me twice as long and it sure didn't look very good. If they sent me out ten times, they were going to get ten of the same-because experience by itself does not teach. I knew something was wrong, but for the life of me, I didn't know what it was.
Then they started sending me out with two really good guys who are great electricians;  they showed me what I was doing wrong, what I was missing and how to do it right. Instruction plus experience, teaches. Read the Book of Proverbs and then the Book of Job. Pretend Job's friends are talking to you. You will quickly see where your trouble is coming from...[At the end is my interpretation of the Book of Job.]
I used to think the most awesome vacation I could think of would be on a South Sea Island with beautiful female island natives, an unlimited supply of Black Russians, dancing to a trance band in a strobbing Rave and unlimited sex in capital letters.  It seemed to me, it was the best this world had to offer and I had no idea, there was something better.
The very things I thought were giving me the most pleasure were the very things causing me all of my trouble. No, it was not the trance band, the Black Russians, the dancing or the beautiful female island natives. It was what I was using them to create-lust, arrogancy and a forward mouth. Those things don't have to be blatant to set the matrix in motion.
I was born a people person with a good nature. I inherited it from my mom and grandmother, so one might say, "Not me..." Yes, along with every other person on the planet that's not paying attention. For example, sensual dancing is not to a partner, it is to an audience. A forward mouth can be ever so subtle, is inherent by nature and enhanced by alcohol.
Satan knows about sowing and reaping; he doesn't want us to. He knows the Law of Gravity works even if I think I can fly without a parachute. That is why we need tutorship.
Satan has no desire to give me joy or even pleasure; his purpose is to separate me from my Life Source, to give him a free hand in stealing my purpose, killing my hope and destroying my future.
And Satan is not the author of ecstasy or music. He can only provide cheap imitations. The sensual music he is creating is a cheap imitation of the 4D ethereal music he heard in the Garden of God. "Eye hath not seen nor the ear heard ...what the Lord has in store for those who choose Him" [Paraphrased]
God is the Author of High Energy, Thrill-A-Moment Adventure. God knows our inner most thoughts and desires. Each person's idea of adventure is different. God has custom designed your adventure just for you.
God is not lazy, He is High Energy. Heaven will never be boring...it will be a thrill a moment. Adventure is derived from Purpose. Enjoyment is derived through sharing. If you go to Kings Island with your kids, the thrill, excitement and joy will be far greater than if you went alone.
If nothing was impossible unto you- all powerful, all knowing and your presence filled the physics of time and space, where would be the adventure? It would be through your kids. God created us for Himself. He feels what we feel. He hurts when we hurt. And nothing joys Him more than to hear His children thank Him for bringing something to pass in their lives.
God is a Giver. But if you as a parent, heard your children giving the neighbor praise for something you had done for them, it wouldn't take too long before you stopped doing for them. On the flip side, nothing pleases God more, than to see His children hurting for their neighbors and trying to share their meager resources with them. That is the key that will open the Windows of Heaven...
Anyone who thinks God doesn't like music must answer the question, "Why then did He create a Musical Cherub and put him in His Garden?" We are each different with different tastes, just as we have different dreams. I personally prefer high energy next level electronic music. Others prefer other styles. It's like...
Two women were praying. One was shouting at the top of her lungs. The other was praying in a low whisper. The one whispering got irritated and said, "God isn't deaf!" The other without missing a beat, replied, "Yeah, and He doesn't have bad nerves, either..."
It's the same way if one buys a new home, a new car and saves for their children's college or for old age and another lives in a two room efficiency and drives something less desirable; neither has anything to do with the free gift of the New Birth and the adventure of each, as God leads each different. A minister I really like, says, "If you tithe, you will be blessed; as wet goes with water." But blessings are multifaceted and purposed.
So the elbow cannot say to the knee, Because you are different from me, I have no need for you." If one hurts, the body hurts, so it is always in my best interest to pray for you.
I want my life to be like a merry-go-round; peaceful and no trouble. But God put me on a high energy coaster that feels like it is going to fall off at any time. The angels get a chance to share in that adventure as they protect me from the demon hordes that constantly plot against me. Multiply that by several billion and we begin to get a glimpse of the high energy inner play going on 24/7.
It is that God that created the high energy future we call Heaven. "The eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man, the awesome Eternity waiting on you." [Again, Paraphrased.] "Heaven" is not retirement. It is not an ending; it is a New Beginning.
A friend of mine told me that he hates to leave church. What he meant was,  at work there seems to be nonstop trouble; but at church, everyone there actually has your best interests at heart. You don't have to worry about somebody backbiting you, trying to sabotage you, looking down on you or trying in some way to put you down. They actually love you and care for your wellbeing. They constantly look for ways to help you. That is the nature of God and that ecstacy of fullfillment will begin in the high energy, nonstop adventure we call Heaven.
A Christian's work on earth is operating a life boat or sharing in the operation of one. That is not his reward, it is his work. His reward is yet to come. Never look at the work as the reward. A Christian's life work is to find God's purpose for him within the work and living environment he is planted. We just bloom where we are planted.
God does bless those who bless others and those who keep their eyes on Him. I hope I am saying this right. "You have not, because you ask not." I pray He blesses you beyond measure. I believe in seed faith. [2 Cor 9:6-10] In fact, I'm seeding for something right now.
I am thrilled when others get blessed; my point is, my purpose on earth is not to build bigger barns, so if we are going to look at the rewards God has to offer and the rewards Satan has to offer, wait until the other side to get a comprehensive view. 
Satan attempts to present this life as "This is all about me and this is all there is, so the person with the most toys and/or the most pleasure, wins." He does it for the same reason he presents evolution, reincarnation, wicca, mysticism and religions of works- leaving this earth without Christ, makes Hell a default destiny.
So how to describe Heaven? One cannot describe a 4D ethereal ecstasy in 3D terms, just as one cannot grasp the energy of particle physics, but if we could ask any of the angels, nothing on 3D earth can be compared to that 4D high energy-thrill a moment-nonstop adventure. God is the Author of Thrill, Joy, Excitment and Purpose and it will all come to fruitation in Eternity.
After Israel's promised day of rest, there will be a new Heaven and a new earth. "If you will be faithful over a few things, I will put you over many." [Paraphrased]
I heard someone say, "I can take the flames; it's the idiots, I don't want to be stuck with." That statement is not only very foolish, it is an actual quote made by demons all the time. Demons call each other idiot at every opportunity. A book could be written on that focus of existence alone-"I can look good by making you look bad." That is a default demonic focus. It dominates demonic outlook. If that is your focus, be very careful because a demon has a foothold.
-Ethereal insight: The so called "four persons away from anyone on earth"-In an apartment building or a neighborhood with 100 families, there are at least 1000 demons that also live there. They are on assignment. Each demon has teamed up with at least 40% of the others over the last 6000 years. 
There is such an overlapping, that this one knows this one who knows this one, ad infinitum. Walls are no boundary and they talk. They do two things; they brag [along with name drop] and they ridicule. That is their small talk.
Makes no difference that the one they are bragging to, has just mocked them. They are driven to promote self from a burning within. So even though they use each other's talents and specialities to do mischief, they never have a kind word to say about one another. They are totally self-absorbed and totally vertical-the gladiator mentality. The most used word in their vocabulary is idiot.
If someone-anyone, tells you to look at your neighbor and say, "Your ignorance concerns me," run from them. That is ridicule and the moment you say it, you are in agreement with the demon behind the ridicule, which automatically opens a door to him. We have to open the door to the ethereal realm from this side.
Christians have no enemies in the flesh. "We wrestle not with flesh and blood..." One of the first things a Christian learns is that he and everyone else on the planet is flawed to the core. We all have our turn in the barrel. We all have our turn at saying stupid things and doing stupid things. But from knowing to acting on what we know, is a lifelong transition.
That is why we are encouraged to, "Love one another, pray for one another and bear one another's burdens," It is a lifelong work in progress to go from the "mammon" or self mentality we were born with to the "agape" Christ like mentality of "This is all about you; how can I help?"
I have to go to the Throne Room every day to ask for forgiveness and mercy. I can't go, if I am unwilling to forgive you, pray for you and bear your burdens before the Lord. My prayers will continually be interupted with that soft voice that says, "But what about him/her? I love them, too." The word idiot should not be in my vocabulary. Instead, it should be, "Lord, help them with their splinter and help me with my beam."
The transition from the old nature to the new is a lifelong process. Even after the New Birth, at the first, we think the old is better. The new is foreign. We think, "I will never get this right." And on our own, we won't. But God has already assumed responsiblity to get us from the old to the new.
No matter how Satan tries to convince us, nothing is random. As Einstein said, "God doesn't roll dice." God is purpose driven. The prince of this world works for the God of the Universe; not intentionally, but his every move sets the matrix in motion according to the laws that govern it- "back at ya..."
In the true story-The Hiding Place, when the sisters were thrown in a barracks filled with lice, the one sister saying nightly prayers in front of the Jewish women, thanked God for the lice.
Her sister interupted her and said, "God doesn't expect us to thank Him for the lice. These are a curse from Satan." The praying sister replied, "True, but we will find out that these lice have a purpose or they wouldn't be here."
The praying sister died. When the other sister was released, she found out the rest of the story. The sisters had smuggled in a small Bible. They had nightly Bible Study. In the other barracks, the guards were raping the women at will. When they became pregnant, they were next in line for the gas chambers.
But the guards wouldn't step foot in that barracks. It was the only barracks in all of the death camps that held nightly Bible Study... right under the Nazis' noses. Those little lice were the watchdogs at the door. There is a purpose for the lice in your life.
In the Garden, God told Lucifer, "Everything you try to do, the undoing will be by your hand. Everything you try to undo, the doing will be by your hand. That which I declare, you will fulfill. When you try to prevent it, it will be you that establishes it. Your works will bring Me, not you, Glory." 
"Eat the dust of the earth" in Hebrew, is a metaphor, similiar to "Fall flat on your face" meaning "You will be your undoing." While a snake could very well have been used as a medium, God is not talking to a python, He is talking to a powerful fallen Cherub. "Your seed will determine your harvest." is the governing variable of the matrix on both sides of the realm.
Just look at the fighting and bickering going on. When demons don't have a Christian or Jewish Person to go after, they go after each other. That is their nature-pride, vanity, pomp, glitter and the strut. Most battles are demon princes strategizing against demon princes. Every bicker going on in life is a demon plotting against a demon. "He that sows strife, troubles his own household." They look for ways to sabotoge each other as they team up to manufacture strife. Every physical manifestation has spiritual roots.
When "This is all about me." It means, "There is no room for you, regardless of who you are; so I will entertain you and promote you only so long as it benefits me. My focus is me not you; so I will be your undoing, before this is over." [If we ignore this, we do it to our own peril.]
Satan with all his authority and power, can't totally stop that. He attempts to through threats and bribery, using his assigned authority written in the matrix, but he can't change a nature he himself created. All demons inherited that nature at the fall. They each got exactly what they asked for- "This is all about me." Jesus prophesied their ending, when He said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." All negative thoughts are a house divided against itself.
We may missed what God told Lucifer, but he didn't. Even though God gave him all the kingdoms of this earth [except the fig tree and the mustard seed], made him prince of this world and gave him influence over all mankind, Lucifer has watched every battle that he has strategized and plotted over, bring God Glory- Joseph, David, Apostle Paul... and ultimately you. The only reason their stories are so awesome, is we have their endings. Yours will be just as awesome. "I will finish the good work I have started."
Paul, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, said, "If Satan had known that by forcing the prosecution of Messiah, he was creating a New Birth through The Firstborn of Life- The Savior of mankind, he would not have done it." [1 Cor 2:8 Liberal Paraphrase] God does not roll dice.-
I believe Hell, like Heaven, is not what we envision it to be. Hell [Hades] is not punishment from a judgement or court edict. Hell is a holding tank for the dead of a contaminated bloodline [which puts one under jurisdiction of the High Court] waiting for their day in court.
There are levels of Hell just like there are levels of Heaven. Choice determines each. It is prewritten in the matrix. The level of Hell a person is drawn and bound to is determined by the chords of evil attraction created by ones own thoughts, words and actions. The level to which one stooped to fulfill self desires here, will determine the level there.
Hell is a place of intense fear, pain, sorrow and despair. "My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me." Some levels will not be nearly as intense as others, but all have a common theme. In each level, one is doomed through a cycle of repetition to attempt to satisfy an unquenchable lust or desire for self glory that kept one from seeking Christ. Each cell is a matrix created by one's thoughts to fulfill self desires without Christ.
The charges leveled against that person is by the very being that created the illusion that self fulfillment was better his way than Christ's.  The charges are validated by one's own video tape. The very being that tempted one away will be the being that drags one to the pit.  He's assigned to that person and has to give an account to a demon prince for his activities in that person's life. He's high energy 24/7 and waiting...
-Two men had just gotten out of prison. They were drinking on a Sunday night and ran out of beer. They went into a Stop and Go. The next day, the counter clerk was found with her throat slit.
In my mind's eye, I saw what happened. The two had been out celebrating and rejoicing being out of prison and starting a new life in the only way they knew how-drinking with each other. In their minds, they had few options as they were society's outcasts.
They had been trying to create feelings of self esteem through each other's affirmation to show someone-anyone, they had value. The only things they knew were from prison, so they were telling each other prison stories.
Two demons were in the car with them and each pumping up the gladiator mentality. "I have value because I am one bad hombre'." They had nothing else to offer as examples of self worth.
No one was interceding for them, so the demons were having a field day with them; just as they did, their entire lives.
When they went into that Stop and Go, it was too late [or too early] to buy beer. The demons had them so pumped up that it was easy to gain entrance.
The crime was so hideous, that everyone felt Capital Punishment was too easy; they needed something worse.
We have to have law to have order and structure. And the law has to do what the law has to do. But I am not the law, I am an intercessor.
I know how flawed I am and I know that during my 24 year drinking spree, "But by the Grace of God, there go I." "He that is forgiven much, loveth much." The woman that died was a Christian and her eternity is secure. These two guys are going to Hell and no one is interceding for them. The demons are strutting before the demon prince that they have captured two more souls for Sheol.
Not so fast, mister. "I sought for a man to stand in the gap..." "Lord, I plead the Blood of the Lamb for these two..."  "Then He is gracious unto [them], and saith, Deliver [them] from going down to the pit: I have found a ransom." Demons, you may strut, but not over these two. That's why we're here... There is power in that Name.
Someone may want to debate free will and choice. I am saved because someone else's  prayer got through and invited the Lord into my equation. God worked out the details and I myself screamed, "Jesus, help!" Very few of us wake up and say, " Well, the third thing on my list today is to get saved." It was He that was pursuing us; not we, pursuing Him.-
No fear, pain, sorrow or despair on earth can be compared to Sheol. "Trouble and anguish shall make him afraid; they shall prevail against him, as a king ready to the battle.... A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity, the destroyer shall come upon him... His sons come to visit [honor him], but he knows it not." Read the Book of Job; it is a real eye opener.
Hell is a default destiny of a contaminated bloodline. Choice activates it or de-activates it [Failure to choose is a default choice.]. There will be a day when the High Court convenes and Hell will give up its occupants. It is then, eternity will be decided for those that ignored the free gift of the New Birth. Punishment will fit the degree of violation of the Law and credit will be given for time served for those not condemned to Gehenna {raised unto Death]. That is at least one thousand years away.
The entities of Death and Hell will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, but will all of Hell's occupants be condemned to eternal damnation through the High Court? I don't know. I think Scripture is intentionally obscure on this; but why would anyone want to go terrors of Sheol for at least one thousand years and risk Gehenna when all we have to do is invite Christ into our life and hang on tight?
He's not depending on you or I to get anything right on our own. How do I know that? Because God's Word says, "Being confident of this very thing; He that began a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ."
If we get everything wrong, but get Christ in the center of our circle, everything will come out alright. If we get everything right but don't get Christ in the center of our circle, Hell is still a default destiny. Satan knows all he has to do, is keep you away from Christ; it doesn't matter how.
I don't like to do pages like this. I am the most flawed creature on the planet and we are all flawed in different areas. Good and bad are relative terms and readily change by reference.
But I believe we all need to know Heaven is going to be awesome and Hell is going to be unimaginable horror and that all we need to do to gain the first and escape the second is say "Jesus, I need your help." "...even to those who call on His Name."
I don't know how many more pages I will do on this little website, but I will continue to look for motivational stories that brighten our day. I intentionally try to avoid pages like this until I hear something from someone who should know better and it sparks a response.
Have a great day!
It is not just an encouragement,
it is a blessing being spoken into you.
All corporations hire persons to fill positions. What we don't realize is there are privileges and authority assigned to the position long before they knew who was going to fill the position. The person brings value to the position, but the person can use the privileges and authority of the position whenever he/she likes.
The New Birth is the same. I have been concentrating on bringing value to the position, not realizing I have ethereal authority and privilege of position to make your life better. So if you are reading this, get ready to be blessed!
We think the Book of Job is about righteous Job and his three sorry friends. We think Satan caused all of this and the only thing to learn from the Book of Job is that Satan causes trouble and beware of fair weather friends. Not so. [And fair weather friends are friends easy to steer by example...]
The Book of Job is one of the richest books ever written. It is rich in wisdom and deep knowledge. It is as rich as the Book of Proverbs. Only the Book of Psalms is richer.
A subtitle to the Book of Job could be "The Refiner's Fire." God set Satan up to build the fire. The fire had to be hot because God was reaching deep. We know it wasn't for punishment or correction as God Himself praised Job. It's purpose was to remove something from Job, to take him to the next level.
In the process, God uses Job's trial as a text book. It fills in lots of details about creation, the flood, the ethereal realm - such as hell, the undead and the matrix. There is so much awesome stuff in the Book of Job, it takes both rhema and time study to extract it.
Job's friends really were his friends. "So they sat down with him upon the ground seven days and seven nights, and none spake a word unto him: for they saw that his grief was very great." -When I come home from work, I turn on Internet Radio or the TV as background, because silence plays on you.- The devil and his demons were still working on this fire. It was going to get hotter still.
Sometimes we have the best intentions, but lose focus. "It's hard to remember the initial objective was to drain the swamp, when you are up to your butt in alligators." The debate is going to become adversarial and each is reaching into the depths of the knowledge that has been passed down to him and each by turn, is going to share it with us. In the process, iron is going to sharpen iron. "One plants, one waters, but the Lord gives the increase [to make grow]". God is preparing Job. "It takes the build, to make the presentation."
Job himself tells us what God is going after. We often quote, "Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him..." but we don't finish the rest of the quote, "...but I will maintain my own ways before Him." I believe it was this that opened the door to, "For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came."
The Apostle Paul gives us some insight into this. "Concerning zeal...touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless. But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ."
God is about to bring Job into a relationship with Him. "No longer do I call you servant, but I call you friend." Job is about to learn to relax in the arms of God. The demons that were tormenting Job, hand carried him into God's bosom. No longer would they be able to create that fear that Job needed self rightousness to please God. That door was closed. Job's eyes were no longer on righteousness under the Law; they were now on the Grace of God.
I believe Job had a far greater impact on his generation in his latter days than would have been possible at the first. "The greater the battle, the greater the victory; and the greater the reward." -The Refiner's Fire. When we lose sight of God in the story, we miss the lesson.
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