Love is Something Special

Love is...

Someone to believe in,
And put their trust in you;
Someone who appreciates...
The special things you do.

Someone to be close to,
In your heart and in your mind;
Someone you thought...
You would never find.

Someone who stands by you,
And whose faith can make you strong;
Someone you will cherish everyday...
Your whole life long.

Love is built on faith and trust,
And understanding, too;
Love is a life that's full and rich...
Because it's shared with you.

If you have found a smile,
That's the sweetest one you've known;
If you have heard within a voice,
The echoes of your own...

If you have felt a touch,
That stirs the longing of your heart;
And still feel that closeness,
In the moments you're apart...

If you have filled with wonder,
At the way two lives can blend;
To weave a perfect pattern that,
Is seamless end to end...

If you believe some things in life,
Are simply meant to be;
Then you have found your soulmate,
Your heart's own destiny."

Author Unknown

Have a great day!