The Master Artist
High upon the hill's great crest,
There the sun lay down to rest;
In the valley I will always wait,
For this sure wonder, every day.
I surely remember in my thought,
The joy the sun today has brought;
For as the moon sneaks in for eve,
The magic of creation, I perceive.
As if painted with the Master's hand,
A master piece, creation so grand;
It's indeed no wonder I do desire,
The will to always reach, ever higher...
I surely do believe, indeed I do derive,
The greatest pleasure just from being alive;
Itís worth me living, to know the joy I give,
For the shortest time that Iíll surely live.
It's not very long until  I will pass,
From this very life, here to another higher mass;
I will be only briefly in this place,
So I try bring a smile to many a face.
I know soon, I have to go,
Destined is my hour;
For you see, our time is brief, 
Just as that little flower.
CRS ģ2003
All Rights Reserved
Image 1-Jim Warren
Image2-Thomas Kinkade
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