MegaSports- The Gladiator Mentality
Abstract- We as a Society, are using the academic arena, to perpetuate Sports as the only way out, to millions of ghetto children and as a result, are causing the ghettos to expand at an exponential rate and are ensuring millions of young men and women never get out of the starting gate. Academics is unintentionally creating a gladiator mentality that ensures The Cast System is alive and well in the U.S.A..
High Profile Sports Icons negotiate megamillion dollar contracts both with Pro Sports Teams and with Advertisers that imply life is an event, not a process and excelling in Sports, not Academics or the Technical Arena is the way to ensure The Good Life.
It's no secret that young black males are very athletic and good at sports; some are standouts. The recruiting for these standouts starts in High School. But the Scholarship level recruiting starts at the University level. Big high profile schools recruit from every state in the union. Academic scores are of no importance, as a good percentage of the recruited players will never graduate anyway.These kids are recruited only to get the school high visibility and attract multi-source funding to maintain the high visibility. The Tournaments and The Top 25 are the only focus, when recruiting these kids.
A good percentage of these kids cannot take advantage of the academic side of the scholarship. Everyone has a full mental pie and each pie is divided in pieces. Each person's pie has large pieces in some areas and not so large pieces in others. Albert Einstein had huge pieces in some areas, but some of his pieces were so small, he was borderline retarded.
When recruiting these kids to create high profile sports, no consideration is given to finding and developing skills outside of sports, for long term financial sustainability, should Pro Sports not become an option. With 5000 Pro Sports applicants and 100 Pro Sports job openings every year, most of these kids are going to be sent home after being larger than life for the four or five previous years.
Reality sets in. They have to go back to the ghetto with no way out of the starting gate. These kids are going to do what they can to recreate that larger than life atmosphere at the ghetto level. Crime, drugs and populating the ghetto will become the focus for many. They have few alternatives. Is there a viable solution? Yes.
For every Academic Scholarship offered to play Sports, a two year technical scholarship should also be made available to those kids that weren't able to take advantage of the Academic side of the University Scholarship and did not get offered a Pro Sports contract. And it should be made as easy to take advantage of the scholarship to a local technical school as it was to play sports.
A fund should be created from the University Megabuck Sports Funding to create a safety net for these kids that gave their all to make High Profile University Sports possible. These kids should not be allowed to fall through the cracks.
Every year as I watch big high profile schools vie for The Top 25, I wonder if it would be as exhilarating, if they did a "Where are they now?" Please, stop sending these kids home, with no way out.
And we need to stop sending these kids the message that the only way out of the ghetto is Sports. With the only publicized mentors coming from sports and rap, ghettos full of fatherless children are growing at an expondential rate.
We are sending a subliminal message that says, " Whites do this and Blacks do this." Is that the message we really want to send? We should be 100 years past that. We're all in this together.
I have several pages on this Website of Black Men and Women that have made a difference for us all that had nothing to do with Sports. On page 14, is a story of a black man that opened the first inner city McDonald's in U.S. .. right in the middle of Harlem. Statistics said it would be out of business in a month.
Instead, through persistence, he had the first McDonald's in the U.S. to net $1.5 Million. McDonald's Officials flocked to his door to find out his secret. His answer was and is, "I provide Dreams, Goals and Opportunities with every hamburger served..." Today he has several McDonald's in NYC and helps thousands of ghetto children, black and white, escape from the ghetto. His name should be strobed from Times Square.
Sports are awesome, but there are 10,000 ways out of the ghetto, besides Sports. Someone needs to be telling these kids that. They need to know that there are some pretty awesome black men and women in the business world, too.
Have a great day!
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MegaSports - The Gladiator Mentality

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