The Rest of The Story...
Hi. I had this page all set to post under The Joy of Exercise theme after Good Friday, to lighten the focus. I want this to be an enjoyable Website. That is my prayer and focus. God doesn't require or even want us to be miserable to prove our love to Him. That totally misses His Mindset---Cheer up, Hang on and get ready for adventure!!!
I had a dream. My friend and I walked into a room of equiptment and a lot of the circuits were disconnected and needed to be fixed and it was going to take some time to do that. My friend, who happens to be black and his friend [me] who happens to be white, were discussing the situation. In my dream, he said something [that God was sharing with me] that I can use in any situation and maybe you can, too.
He said, "Mark, there could be a dozen reasons, why all of this is disconnected and each would have a story. But we will put it all back together and create a story of our own."---We will create a story of our own. At work, we say [or think] that no good SOB, we complain about this or that, but we don't have to continue writing someone else's story...we can write a story of our own.
Jesus, as a man, could have fussed about what that no good Adam did. {Jesus loves Adam :-)] But, instead, He wrote a story of His Own. That is the Easter Theme. It is new focus on life. It is learning to write a script of our own. It is learning to bring joy to sorrow, hope to despair and to be a bright light in a dark tunnel.
There are people who light up a room, just by their presence. You know, your name is safe in their mouth. And you know, no matter how bad a situation is, it is going to get better, just by they're being there.
As a Christian, if I am not praying for you and cheering you up, I am of no advantage to you or myself. It is a hard lesson to be learned, but I am determined to learn it.
To put it in a parable, "If we see a dog with an old bone, even though that bone is useless, if we try to take that bone, we will have a fight on our hands. Because that is all he's got. Leave that bone alone. Throw down a steak and let him get a whiff of the aroma and pretty soon, he himself, will drop that bone in favor of the steak and then we can do whatever we want to, with that old bone. Jesus and Easter are wrapped in the number 8, the number of New Beginnings.
Have a great day!
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