The Riddle of The Cross
Why would a Creator, whose Logic, Ingenuity, Cunning and Creativity know no bounds, create the seemingly foolishness of the Cross? Ready for an adventure?
We could start with Elohim, but we will start with Logos. It is where we get the word Logic, but in Scripture, it means The Word. Logos in Academics, would be called  Inherent Truth, Axiomic, Self Validating Context...The True Narrative-Seemless. Perfect. Nothing lacking. Nothing wasted. Nothing out of place.
How would you test that? Personify it and create an opponent to cross-examine it. Why? Because the interpretive lens of the composition can only be validated by an opponent of the narrative. "I have searched it and could find no errors." 
A Drama unfolds. Unfolding means the unveiling of a script. A script in the form of a matrix, where freewill and predetermined are perfectly integrated, neither imposing on the other.
A very awesome Cherub issued the challenge-God's Word and God's Law were not seemless. God said He placed His Word above His Name and allowed the Drama to unfold. Every nook and cranny would be tested for seemlessness. Freewill and Predestination would be put on trial, time and time again.
God gave Adam, Dominion over the earth and empowered him to Subdue it. When Adam chose Lucifer, it put a new head over the human race and Adam's inheritence and empowerment went to Satan and Satan's inheritence went to Adam and a contaminated blood line.
God told Satan, in the garden, that Jesus was coming. Joseph's story was a foretelling, it parallels the path. It would be paralleled time and time again. 
The arrival would change the course of time and the unfolding would be the single greatest drama in the adventures of angels. Angels work in the trenches. They know the end of the story, but page by page is a mystery unfolding. Hords of demon princes converged on Israel in an attempt to stop Messiah.
When Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth through time and offered them to Him in exchange for acknowledgement, he said, "For they were delivered unto me, to give to whomsoever I will." It was a legal transaction. Binding... and only he could give them away.
The Cross as bad as it was, is not the depth of the story. What happened in the physical realm, was a representation of what was to happen in the spiritual realm. Jesus's physical suffering and humiliation is unimaginable as The Holy Spirit departed; but let us try to get a glimpse of what was going on in the spirit realm...
"For it is appointed for man to die once and after that, the Judgement." When Jesus became a man, he had to follow man's course under the Law. "Cursed is every man, who hangs on a tree." The Word under the Law and under the sign of a curse.
The strong bulls of Bashan of Psalms 22, were demon princes frolicking and nipping at each other, as they led Jesus away. They did it. They stopped Messiah and He was going to Sheol/Hades-their turf. It was legal and nothing could stop it. The angels stood afar off, watching and helpless to intervene.
Jesus went to Hell. Not the good place-Abraham's Bosom, He went to the pit. Not gehenna-The Lake of Fire, it has not been lit. He went to Hades-The pit of despair, where one is held by the chords that bind them from the condition within. Jesus was willingly held by my chords...and yours. Most of the book of Psalms is prophecy recording Jesus' path from crucifixion to resurrection. "Thou has delivered my soul from the lowest Hell." [Psalms 86:13] 
When Jesus told the thief on the cross, "Today, thou shall be with me in paradise", we misunderstand the unfolding of the sequence of events, just as no one understood, "Out of Egypt shall He come..." The thief went to Abraham's Bosom. Jesus went to Hell, The High Court and then to Abraham's Bosom-to show the Jewish people who they had been waiting on...
Jesus went to the lowest Hell awaiting trial. ["Terrors encompass me on every side..."] His case was the first case tried before High Court. -The outcome of the human race would hinge on this case.- The High Court convened and He was called before it. "When I have been tried, I shall come forth..." "I have kept Sin from reaching me..."
The trial unfolds in Psalms and Job. The High Court opened for business and held its first session. The High Court had to try Him, but could not render a verdict. It couldn't even declare Him innocent. The reason? The High Court had no Jurisdiction over Him. He was not in Adam's blood line and there was no sin seed in His blood.
They had a dilemma; they couldn't judge Him, but they had to have closure. They had to raise Him unto Life or raise Him unto Death. The High Court had to render a verdict.
The enigma of the trial was in finding no sin seed in His blood declared Him innocent, but the High Court needed an official verdict...
The only choice they had was to bring forth Case Law-Law established by a case in which there is no precedent, to fulfill the meaning, purpose and consistency of set of laws that determine decisions and outcomes-Statutory Law. "I have not come to negate the Law, but to fulfill the Law." 
Case Law is anchored by Statutory Law [never the other way]-but from then on it is referenced by a Case. That Case will then be used as foundation or precedent in determining outcomes of future cases tried before the Court.
The High Court's only choice was to create a New Blood Line, not under their Jurisdiction and raise Him into it, making Him, the Head of it and the Firstborn into it. It wasn't option A, B or C. There was nothing else they could do.
The title deed and empowerment had been given to man, not angels; but before, there was no one else to claim inheritence. The High Court rendered the transfer of ownership [Dominion- Keys to Death and Hell] in the Resurrection to bring closure to an open docket. The Perfect Word under the Perfect Law. Seemless.
How do we know that? Because the only way out of Sheol/Hades is through the High Court, just like the only way out of jail is through the court. Dominion went to the Firstborn of Life. The Stone that was rolled away was the physical representation of Jesus' cell in Sheol. No reason to lock an empty cell. The High Court had convened. [Jesus didn't need that stone moved, to leave the tomb...]
-That is what Israel missed. In order to be a physical Messiah, He had to first become a spiritual Redeemer. The World Systems and its inhabitants were not held in bondage by Rome, but by Satan. "...He opened not the house of his prisoners." Isa 14:17
Jesus was the only one who went to Hell, who was not under Jurisdiction of the High Court. Satan, along with his minions, is both the Accuser and the Jailer. If Satan had not have forced the High Court to try Jesus, there could be no Case Law labeled "The New Birth."
-I believe that Hell itself forced the High Court to hold session because it had an occupant that did not belong there. It could not hold Him, yet the only way to release Him was through the High Court. Death and Destruction are entities, but Hell is a matrix; it is purely logical and maintaining that which was assigned to it. Jesus was in the lowest level and the area of greatest torment, but has no chords of evil attraction to bind Him.  Hell's matrix was out of balance. The demon jailers were tormenting Jesus until He was snatched out of their grasp...-Psalms 116:5-
Satan's greatest victory resulted in his greatest defeat and it was by his own hand. Jesus was in check, every play of the match- from the garden to the pit, until the final move made and the board lit up... Checkmate. A chessmaster playing The Chessmaster. 
Man now has a choice and freely choosing the New Birth in the New Blood Line, takes him out from under the High Court's Jurisdiction of The Law of Sin and Death. That is the Victory of Cross-The Resurrection.
Jesus will be Messiah of Israel, but first, He became Savior of man. I am so glad. I am the most flawed creature on the planet, but I am not under jurisdiction of the High Court. [But I do spend lots of quality time in God's Woodshed... :-)))]
Hell is the High Court's Holding Tank in which one cannot bond out. The levels of despair are determined by one's own internal seeds planted that result in chords of evil attraction. Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eye and Pride-Vain Glory, are like the base colors of the color spectrum. They can be mixed in varying levels to produce the  spectrum within. For example, selfishness is a blend. 
Hell's only hold on its occupants are by those chords. Demonic torment is through those chords. Those chords only exist when one is under the Jurisdiction of the High Court. This pertains only to death.
Satan can and does influence sinner and saint alike to plant seeds into the matrix that cause us and others heartache. The difference is God uses His children's seeds as classroom instruction.. 
A curse always pertains to the depth of depair, not the outcome of the High Court. Hell has to be in session for at least a thousand years longer. I personally don't know the outcome of each of its inhabitants [except for the demon jailers], but I don't want to go there to find out.
If we don't want to go jail here for a year, why we would we ignore going to the pit of despair for at least a thousond years, seeing afar off the joy of others when that debt has already been paid and the New Birth freely given?
Abraham's Bosom is an upper chamber of Hell under a temporary exemption clause for Jewish people until this is played out. "As it is written, all of Israel shall be saved." It is a misunderstanding by some, calling it Purgatory or Soul Sleep.
The High Court never looks at slander, flattery or credentials of the accused or any philosophical testimony in determining the outcome. The only testamony allowed is the video tape of one's thoughts, actions and deeds.
Courts are never in session to hear about one's good works; the charges have to be dealt with first. Good works have no bearing on the charges; guilty or not guilty? The punishment will always fit the crime.
Jesus' blood dripping in the earth answered the cry of Abel's blood, a requirement necessary before restoration ond reconciliation were possible.
One could argue that this plays out the other way with the High Court declaring Jesus innocent, raising Him to Life, creating a New Blood Line and the Case Law would be the New Birth means one cannot be tried twice for the same crime. Pilate's trial seems to fit this scenerio with "I find no fault in this man." 
I see in my mind's eye, the dilemma that both Hell and the High Court had. Either way, forgiveness of sin begins with, "Woman [you/me] where are your accusers?" The High Court has no jurisdiction over us and we are now children being corrected by a Father. [Boy, do I ooch and ouch all the time. :-}}}]
Why doesn't Scripture expound on the spiritual side of the Cross? It does. It does in Psalms, Job, Isaiah and throughout the Old Testament. The only sign Jesus would give the Pharisees was the sign of Jonah. "I cried by reason of mine affliction unto the LORD and he heard me; out of the belly of hell [Sheol] cried I and thou heardest my voice." Jonah 2:2
But knowledge of Scripture, just like good works, is not a requirement of the New Birth. Receiving Jesus as Savior by faith is the only requirement. The thief on the cross experienced that. The rest is growth and rewards. We are still flawed, just beginning to grow.
A young girl was in a humanities class and they were discussing religion. Several started ridiculing her about Christianity. They ask her "What are you going to do when you die and find out Buddha, Mohammed or Gaia was right after all? They had her crying.
I told her they more right than they realized. Since we each reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of choice, it is always in our best interest to do a little study on our own.
"It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing and the honor of kings to search out a matter..."
God at His foundation is pure Logic. He doesn't have the slightest interest in impressing me. He simply offered me a way out of my dilemma and gave me a choice. I took it. I hope you do, too. [Actually I'm praying that you will before you leave here.]
----I must add this----
God allowed his children, Israel, to be blinded by the Enemy to provide a Savior so that "whosoever will" of us Gentiles might be grafted into the Vine. Israel was and still is the "Apple of God's Eye". They will be immensely rewarded for the suffering they went through for our sake.
Everything in the Physical Realm has Spiritual Roots. The Word doen't need defended, it needs to be unleashed.
I am not a Calvinist. "Declaring the End from the Beginning" is beyond my grasp. I am a very flawed Christian trying to get it right and take as many people with me as I can.
Redemption is a free gift to each of us who will receive it. Its price has already been paid. Most of the time, as in my case, the only thing that changes immediately, is Hell is no longer a destiny. God then begins the daily instruction and where needed, correction. My growth in some areas has been rather quick, but in some areas very slooow. But I wiil not give up or go back. I am in it for the long haul...
Have a great day!
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