To forgive is not to forget,
To forgive is really to remember.
That nobody is perfect.
That each of us stumbles.
When we want so much to stay upright.
That each of us says things we wish we had never said.
To forgive is really to remember,
that we are so much more than our mistakes.
That we are often more kind and caring
and that accepting another's flaws can help us accept our own.
To forgive is to remember,
that the odds are pretty good
that we might soon need to be forgiven ourselves.
That life sometimes gives us more than we can handle gracefully.
To forgive is to remember,
that we have room in our hearts to begin again and again,
and again...

Second Chance
If we might have a second chance,
To live the day's once more;
And rectify mistakes we made,
To brighten up the score.
If we might have a second chance,
To use the knowledge gained;
Perhaps we might become at last,
As fine as God ordained.
But though we can't retrace our steps,
However stands the score;
Tomorrow brings another chance,
For us to try once more.
For the voice of courage,
is not always loud;
It is sometimes that still small voice,
that says, "I will try again, tomorrow."
Authors Unknown 
Animation Author Unknown 
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