Reach For The Stars!


I attended the "Fine Arts Fiesta" in our area. I certainly appreciate the masterful craftsmanship and genius that goes into each and every creation I see.


I consumed not only the great food that was offered in plentiful portions, but I consumed the ambiance, the aroma, the sounds of happy, festive people. I was like a sponge.


We circled the town square several times. Then we sat and listened to a six piece  band from New York City. WOW!


Everyone was caught up in the excitement. There were kids, teens, moms, pops, and grandparents. They were swinging and swaying as they tapped their feet and clapped their hands to the music that for that moment had no boundaries or divisions. We were one.


The night air was chilling. But who cared? The dust from the long winter has been blown away and life was screaming "Dance! Forget! Don't worry, be happy!"


I love to watch people. While most everyone had their eyes fixed on the band I had mine fixed on them. I was excited by the possibility that there are still common grounds in a world seemingly so divided.


I looked up past the stage lights and into the cloudless sky. There, off in the distance, was one bright shining star. It called my name and said "Reach for me! You've been going no where because you've reached for things within your grasp. Stretch out beyond the things you can see. Reach far beyond your grasp and become all you were meant to be."


I slowly moved my eyes back down to the stage lights. They were brighter than the star but anyone can reach the stage lights. I wondered what was waiting for me between the lights in my reach and the star far beyond. I knew there was no challenge hidden in what I could see. The challenge lies between here and there. But then isn't every dream a stretch of the imagination?


Head out into the night and fix your eyes on a star. See yourself reaching beyond the realm of tangible. Something that at the moment is far beyond your grasp. Turn for one moment and look at all that is there before you. Imagine that the next step you take, the next challenge you accept is going to take you to new heights. And you will begin to become all that you were meant to be. 


I promise you that I will head out into my back yard and I will look at a thousand stars and pray that each of you will see yourself there.


But I've always seen you that way..."I believe in you!"

Bob Perks


Bob Perks is a speaker and author. You can contact Bob and take a look at his website by going to:




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